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ea172b1d9b82ff0416577b25d238fe191. If I register my grain with Primal Foods, can I still sell my grain myself?

Absolutely – until a sale contract is signed you are under no obligation at all to Primal Foods. You can continue with your usual grain marketing and dealing with your usual buyers.
Primal Foods is simply an additional listing to increase your market exposure.


2. Where do Primal Foods operate?

We purchase grain nationally and export from every port in Australia.


3. What storage and handling facilities do Primal Foods have?

Primal Foods keeps the supply chain as short as possible to maximise the returns to growers. We purchase to order directly from growers and containerize on farm where ever possible. This has several advantages:

a. keeps storage and handling costs to a minimum
b. maximises the integrity of the organic grains
c. allows us maximum flexibility to purchase and export from any region nationally


4. Who uses Primal Foods Group?

Growers use Primal Foods to maximise their market reach.
Grain buyers use Primal Foods as a single source for all Australian organic and alternative grains.