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9 billion people in 2050 – How can we feed the growing population?

BY IN Uncategorized On 23-12-2014

Here is another article about the looming scarcity of food to feed our world population – The thing I find interesting about this article is that the story still hasn’t changed now in a few years.

Our view at Primal Foods is quite different – We think that we can feed 9 billion people with what we grow today.
The issue is not waste post processing, but waste in processing.

Big Agriculture wants us to believe that resources are dwindling, that the world needs more protein, that we have a looming crisis that requires drastic action.

The fact is that in processing food we destroy nutrients on such a significant scale that if we actually took account of the nutrients necessary to sustain life, we would find that we could feed the world now and in the future many times over.

Per capita the western world consumes a ridiculous amount of nutrients – the real crisis is created by the way we destroy nutrients to create the products we enjoy. And we take little care in this regard – many popular products are actually “anti-nutrients” – they actually have a net negative effect on our bodies.

We take much better care of the nutrient requirements of our beasts than we do of our kids. We could not prescribe snack” foods or sugary drinks in an animal’s diet – yet we waste food by processing it into something that actually has a net negative effect on our bodies – why would we do that?

Back to the point – there is a solution to feeding a growing population – it has to do with understanding our nutritional needs as human beings and the net nutritional output of our agricultural systems. It also requires to take a mature look at the nutrients that are lost to processing in our modern processing techniques and practises.

Before you howl me down for advocating nutrition over enjoyment of food – enjoying tasty food is one of the simple joys of life that all should enjoy – and we are sure you will agree that tasty and nutritious are not mutually exclusive principles. We are suggesting that there are popular foods today that destroy ALL nutrient value of the original food and have a net negative effect on the body and our world – why not simply start there and see how far retaining those nutrients could go to feed a hungry world?

Our current systems – for all of the wonderful advances in technology and science have resulted in sick soils and sick humans – we need to take a step back and consider how we get to where we want to be. One solution is supporting organic farming systems and making some logical changes to how we perceive “food”. It is not a mystery – food should be good for you and make you feel good.


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Pete Longhurst

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